Awesome bit of beautiful

8 Minutes or Less

Butterfly to my honeysuckle
lays himself within my petals
Having his fill of sweet nectar

Have your fill dear butterfly
and at rapturous end
within my petals lay still


Festival King

Scott’s rave: Ok, I’m catching my breath here and questioning whether or not reading such amazing and intense poetry is safe for me in the morning. I particularly relate to this one by Festival King because I’ve used butterflies and flower petals myself in some of my intimate poems. And the second stanza of this one captivates me, imagining 2 intense moments. Having one’s fill and then laying still. Yes, I believe even laying still is intense because of all that it concludes and confirms. Wow! A big thanks to Festival King! She has been a friend of mine for over a year and I always look forward to her writing. Please visit her blog Festival King!!

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